Is she interested?

So i got this chicks number and we've been talking a bit. The first convo lasted for about 4hrs with her rresponding within like 4-5 min 10 at the most and we text till like 1am. She seems to like talking to me but won't text first. I said bye yesterday and was like " i would tell you to text me but i know you won't " She responded with have a good day. So as you can probably tell im confused is there any help out there?


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  • Hey,
    I think that she may be interested in you but isn't 100% sure yet. When I give a guy my number, and we text pretty much non-stop for hours I start to drop little hints that I may or may not like him. I think that when she said "Have a good day" she might have been playing hard to get or flirting with you. I think you should keep texting her, honestly girls love when guys text them first and make them feel like they are fun to talk to. If you guys keep having good conversations then you should start to drop hints that you like her. If she doesn't seem to have the same feelings then you can always talk about regular things. Good luck and I hope this helps a little.


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