I am in my first relationship, and I have no idea what i'm doing?

Shy guy + shy girl + 6 months = finally asked me out
He asked me out Monday, and long story short.. our situation was just confusing and full of mixed signals and being unsure because neither one of us really spoke up until recently about how we felt.

So, i mean he asked me out and we are dating... but we never texted each other a lot to begin with, and we've only hung out with each other a few times prior to him asking me out. I literally have no idea what im doing, im 19 and have never been in a relationship before and neither has he.

What do people normally do? Will it be awkward in the beginning? How are we suppose to act, how often do couples hang out or talk or whatever? I just want a general idea, im not gonna follow everyones advice to a T...


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  • Well it depends on the couple and the individuals, for a first relationship it can be quite awkward and you won't know what your doing, you are supposed to act like yourself and accept him for how he acts. Hanging out depends on schedule and how often you like to hang out. There is no substitute for face to face interaction. You have to find what's right for you. As for talking I am fairly quiet but I love to text, I refuse to use my phone for calls, I like it when my s. o. Texts from sunup til sundown, but that's me others hate it and find it unhealthy. But no matter what you will learn more about him and more about yourself in a relationship.

    • Okay! that clarified some things... thank you so much!

    • One thing is very certain though, COMMUNICATION IS VITAL TO THE HEALTH OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP!!! The man can't read your mind, he probably won't get any hint you give him, being honest and straightforward are the best things when it comes to your emotions, everything works better when your on the same page even if your in different places.

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