Is he into me or am I overthinking things?

I've noticed he seems to pay more attention to me but no to the point where other people notice it. He pokes fun at me because I'm quiet and I talk low, not in a mean way, of course. He's mean to most people, but he's so kind to me. Every time he sees me he says hi or hey with a smile. Sometimes he asks me how I'm doing.

This one time I was dating someone at the time and he saw him and asked if he was my boyfriend. He then, playfully, threatened him that if he hurts me he owns lots and lost of scissors. My boyfriend at the time, playfully, threatened him and said he owned lots and lots of knives.

There was this one time when I was speaking to him he grab the sides of my face and brought it really close to his.

This other time which was a few days ago, I injured my finger really bad on a drawer that made me bleed all day and he asked me 4-5 times that day if I was okay. The 4th/5th time he asked me that I thought he was going to hug me so I leaned in for a hug but I ended up sitting in his lap.

I just notice he pays a lot of attention to me and out of every other girl who begs for his attention, I get it without begging or asking for it. He said he loves shy people.


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