Why is this guy avoiding me?

He said he likes me and stares at me lots but he avoids me when his friend is telling him to get the guts to ask me out. Why is he avoiding me?


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  • He's probably scared of rejection, or he assumes that you're already taken.

  • He's shy, but likes you a lot and doesn't want to ruin it

    • I overheard his friend say to him.. If you don't ask her I effing will.. And he still couldn't come up to me. He walked passed me and meekly ran away

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    • Thanks for the advice. It's so annoying, he was fucking with my mind for a while because I've never had a guy take so long to approach me when they showed they liked me.

    • haha no problem

      yeah, he's just really really shy/pussy :P

      Most guys aren't like that lol

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