Guy I'm dating initiates contact with me everyday, few timesa day... does it mean he has feelings for me?

We've been dating for 7 months and he alwats initiates contact with me first and i just respond. And he initiates a few times a day. Does this mean he has feelings for me?


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  • He probably has feelings for you, but i guess you aren't much into him because it is always he who initiates. So I'd suggest you to let him know if you don't have feelings for him, instead of leading him on.

    • I do have feelings for me. But im just being cautious because he broke up. with me. ince in the past so now im being more protective

    • For him*

    • Alright then, I see no cause fro concern. Although you'd better initiate sometimes, or else he may assume that you aren't interested and move on.

  • He loves to talk to you :)


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