Would you date a girl who still live at home with her parents?

im still at home with parents but i got a car and work so my parents dont mind i do have my own room im 23years old but i dont want to live alone i love still being at home im dating and i dont think guys would like that i still live home with my parents is this a problem for guys i mean i will eventually move out but not no time soon.


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  • Why would it be a problem? If your parents are nice and welcoming towards your guy, then he should feel at home there! :) He might even see them as ´´extra´´ parents... I wouldn't mind at least. But of course, the older the guy is, the more privacy he would like to have... if your parents are willing to give that, then it is basically like being together :)! Dont wory about it! If the guy truly loves you he wouldn't mind where you live!


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  • I once asked this question and most girls really didn't seem to mind.

    I guess the same can be said about a girl in the same situation. It doesn't matter... much.

    Sure, the privacy factor may vary on how chill/underatanding a household/family (namely parents) would be, but it's workable.

  • I wouldn't mind at all... it's a sign of the times.

    The idea of moving out in your 20s, is a Western culture thing. In other countries u have 3 generations living in one house!


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