Im Confused if she was interested or flirting or playing games or what?

I finished my workout in the gym and then when I go outside I saw a women make eye contact and smile she was driving I knew she will back to talk to me it was clear she like me BUT... She came back after 10 minutes and stopped me then she said hi I said hi then she said excuse me do you know where's girls saloon here!!! WTF I said no I have no idea then she left. I surprised I thought she will ask about me but I don know what was in her mind

She was in mid of 30s

Any explain?


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  • I think you just overthought the situation. Sorry bruh

    • But why she make eye contact and smile in the biggining? Then she came asking about saloon!!

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    • What a test saloon test hahaha it was better if she said something else anyway thanks

    • Lol just good luck with other ladies

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