When should a girl stop pursuing a guy that things were going really well with?

So, I had been going on dates with this guy for a number of weeks. Things were going really well, we both seemed to really like each other, and we had hooked up (was great). The last time we saw each other was Valentine's Day. He cooked dinner and it was lovely. We had what I thought was a great time, though I couldn't stay the night because I have a dog so I went home at about 2AM.

Up until that point, he had done 100% of the initiating, so I figured I'd demonstrate my interest by being the one to initiate the next time, so the following day I asked him to be my date to a friend's event that was a few weeks away. He said he would have loved to, but unfortunately had to work. A few days later, I decide to try again -- I ask him if he is free sometime soon to see each other. He told me it would depend on the day because he is working a lot this week, but he'll check his schedule and asked if I had anything in mind. I gave some suggestions, but said if he had any ideas as to what he would like to do, I'd like to hear them. He didn't reply. Late evening the following day, I playfully (with silly emojis) text to say he never got back to me with his schedule. He apologized and made a joke, said that he couldn't this week, but would see about the following week. I said great and jokingly told him I made a two efforts now so it was up to him to make the next plans. He said sure and that he'll let me know.

It's been two weeks exactly since he said he'd let me know. Haven't heard from him at all. At first I didn't think much of it because he isn't a big texter and was never much for holding a text conversation. He'd really only message me to make plans for the next date. But now two weeks without a word, I figure he lost interest. I thought everything was going amazingly.

Is it time to give up on this one, or should I give it one more try? I feel like I already know what everyone is going to say, but that I need to ask to see if anyone thinks there could be hope...


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  • Don't bother... If he wants he'll contact you


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