Do girls know that they're going for the bad guys? and not the good guys in some cases?

So, i've had experiences where i've liked a girl but they seem to like the idiot that other boys HATE. Do them girls know that the guy is bad, or not?


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  • I didn't with my last guy, who was pretty awful. He was clean cut, reliable, intelligent and kind of dorky. He turned out being critical, controlling, bad tempered and mean spirited. Self proclaimed "nice guys" can be major jerks too. Not all of girls bad boyfriend stories come from players, hot guys, jocks and cocky dudes that guys on GAG hate a lot. Everyone has their own unique damage and flaws.

    Also, keep in mind that a lot of people complain about their partner when really, they are just annoyed and the person isn't so bad. Or else they're decent people, but make mistakes because we're human.

    Don't get caught up in the "girls love bad boys" sterotype, young one. It's mostly a source of bitterness and rage.

    • I don't so much believe it... i just wanted to get a picture of whether it had any truth! thanks for your answer :)

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    • Very true!

    • Similar lifestyle too. I have a few cousins who are definitely bad boys. Drugs, jail time, etc. They are good looking and do get good looking girlfriends... But these girls are also scary as hell. They're into the same crazy stuff the guy is into. Character & value isn't determined by a pretty face. So if you see a guy like that strolling around with his hottie arm candy, realize she is likely just as bad news as him.

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  • So the guy that isn't you is an idiot. That's a lot of other guys.

  • Yes, girls know and are stupid. They, for some odd reason, prefer bad guys. And then they bitch and wonder why they get hurt in the end.