What happened? did he just dropped me for another girl?

even tho this happened 4 months ago, i still can't get over it. I met this guy back in August and he took me out on a ''night date'' pooling and afterwards we were obviously attracted to each other and made out a lot but no sex since i'm a virgin (he didn't know yet) he nvited me again to his house and we almost had sex but i freaked out after he dropped his pants and i told him i was a virgin and he said he was sorry but kept asking me for a hj etc. After that night i went home and he texted me the day after again and we got into a huge argument because i told him to leave me alone and he got really pissed and said i was an unstable person and i told he traumatized me and he said he didn't want more after that anymore. I contacted him two weeks later telling him i'm sorry, we met up again, almost ahd sex twice, got into arguments through texts and after the fourth time he starting acting distant and went to another girl for sex and said to me ''don't assume your already in and estimate your place in the piramid'' i got angry and told him i will be hanging out with another guy that evening and he said he didn't care and he never cared and called me ''buddy''. He never texted me again... i was the most beautiful girl he ever had in his hand he said but he dropped me ''like that''... why hasn't he contacted me?


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  • It sounds like he was after sex, you wouldn't give it to him, and he bailed. You weren't ready to give it to him, so it caused many arguments.

    From his perspective, you seemed to get "into it" and then you'd pull back and get very angry at him. This is confusing and frustrating to a guy who is after sex.

    Let me be clear, you didn't do *anything* wrong by not having sex with him. In fact, I think if you had, you'd be regretting it right now. But, for a guy who is after sex, that situation was frustrating and was never going to last. Don't take it personally that he's moved on.

    In the future, try to decide ahead of time what you're comfortable with, and don't let it get too far. You said you almost had sex several times, and this clearly caused a lot of turmoil for you. Keep the dates public, and attempt to stop it from getting to that point, until you're with the right guy.


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  • Because of the mixed messages, it's hard for a guy to know where he stands with someone who says one thing and does another. "Let's go back to your place" "you know what, not tonight, but maybe some other time" "this time for sure" "maybe not" etc. If a girl says I'm not interested, saving myself for marriage, etc. You know where you stand, if the girl says I don't on the first date, again you know where you stand. But mixed messages are confusing, and tear at the heart. Guys will only put up with that for so long.

    Yes I know that loosing you V card is scary, and you want it to be with the right guy at the right time. But if you are not ready yet, don't tell someone you are. And if you are ready make sure he is kind and understanding. It takes patience on the guys part, so be prepared to set this up.


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  • My first word of advice to you is that many men replace women. Don't look too hard at him when he says he went to another girl. Secondly, it certainly sounds like he was saying many things to attempt to do just that get into your pants.

    It's sad, but in today's world, many young girls are willing to give up their virginity quickly. Stand your ground. When the time is right, the man will be willing to work with you and make it a comfortable enjoyable experience.

  • very simple he wants sex , you can't give it to him , and you shuld not. try to take things slowly with the next guy you are worth more then , bing a buddy to the guy you lose your virginty to