Why did she send me that photo and is she interested?

was 'seeing' this girl, I met her at a bar one night with some friends. I was very flirty towards her and showed that I was interested in her. I got her number etc and asked to see her most weekends but it came across like she would never make any effort to see me. She would act flirty and interested in texts but when we met up, she would come across really distant. Every time I hinted at her coming home with me, she would reject, I never ended up sleeping with her but we kissed quite a lot. I was genuinely interested in her, wanted to get to know her family etc and I made sure she knew that. She is a good looking girl and is from a family that has a lot of money so I'm sure she could pick guys easily. One time her and this guy were together and she sent me a photo of him and her, just as a joke though because we had a inside joke about something and she wrote that as the caption when she sent it, I thought they were just friends. Time went on and she went overseas for a holiday and I recognised she brought that guy with her, at one point I was texting her and she said something like 'I'm away, talk to you when I'm back'. I would tell her I missed her etc and she would sort of do the same, at least flirt back. Our texting eventually became really short and blunt and at one point she said something sort of rude implying that I shouldn't waste my money or time to text her if I'm going to be blunt (I think she thought I was being intentionally blunt to her). She came home and I one day sent her a photo of my body after a workout, and at the time she was with that guy and he replied being pretty rude like 'whom are you?' normally she wouldn't ever reply or send a photo back, even though it wasn't her sending that 'who are you?' and then she texted me saying that she has a boyfriend (that guy I guess) and we agreed to stay friends, a few months after we met she told me she was moving overseas and she left to move a few weeks ago, and said to me that when she's back home n

*next she would see me (only time she made an effort, besides seeing her occasionally). Didn't hear from her, nor did I text her in a month or so but snap chatted her and then a week or so later she replied with a photo of her at the pool, with no top on and her g string bikini, she didn't show her breasts but only on the side (a side boob) so I could see some boob and her butt


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  • You probably make her feel pretty and she likes you but thinks the other guy is better for one reason or another tell her what you think of the picture but don't put to much time or effort into it