Where can I meet some decent women? My college isn't exactly the place to find quality girls...

Not even trying to sound shallow, but I haven't seen a single attractive girl really at my college... Its a community college and it seems like everybody there smokes and its disgusting! I can't have a girl that smokes. And even then, I've maybe seen one or two girls that I found attractive around the campus, but not in my classes...

Maybe I got unlucky with the times that I'm up there at school... But anyways, where is a good place to find a decent girl, that is beautiful and that I can really fall for? Where should I look?



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  • I'm in the same boat man. Maybe look outside of college and check out different venues. Try finding a club in your city or community (e.g., try link that matches up with your interests. I don't know if you'd do church, but there are decent girls there; another alternative would be volunteering at a charity. If you're on Facebook or other social networks and you get invited to parties, etc., take advantage and go to them. All the dating advice I seem to hear, when you don't have prospects at the place you're at now, suggests that you should focus on just getting out there more, both among old friends and meeting new people, exploring your interests and expanding your social network; this will bring new girls your way. Seems like reasonable advice so I'll try it; hope it works for you too.

    Here's a good article that suggests a few more ideas with the pros and cons of each: link Best of luck.

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  • What I would recommend is going to maybe a library there are plenty of smart beautiful girls that love to read. Now they're not bookworms or "nerds" but simply enjoy good literature. That is if you're into the smart decent type.

    Another piece of advice would be don't just go for the looks. A girl being beautiful of course is a great plus! Once you find you're true love though no matter if she's ugly you will see her beautiful. Maybe give the looking a rest. Let love come to you.

    • I wasn't the one to disagree just so you know...

      Thanks for the advice, however, I'm gonna need an attractive girl! Us guys are visual creatures and personally I don't really feel the urge to get to know a girl unless I find her somewhat attractive. Even if I don't like her, I at least have a decent looking female friend to attract other good looking girls.

      Yes I love a smart woman, so I'll give the bookstore a try or yeah the library... Thanks! :)

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    • Well yeah I've noticed that pretty much every girl I thought was attractive had bigger boobs and stuff so chances are, my girl will have them, haha. BUT! I really cannot resist a girl who has gorgeous eyes and an wonderful smile... I actually notice a girls face before anything else. A girl must have a beautiful face for me. :)

    • Yeah that's great hehe you noticing a girls eyes and face before anything will sure win her for ya LOL

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  • I would go to a local strip club. You might find your soul mate there.

  • Just sit it out until you get your AA/AS and transfer to the best public uni in your state

    • I figured someone would say that... :(