We are going to have sex at some point, but I really dont want to tell him about my past?

So im dating this guy, we just started dating, and i think about him like all the time. And everytime i think about him i start to think about the fact that we are most latley going to have sex at some point, which turns me on and i can't wait. But it also stresses me because my sexual/romantical past is embarassing and i know i need to tell him it at some point... I kinda dont want to tell him "well i have never had a boyfriend, i dated one guy i didn't even find attractive in any shape or form, but i dated him because he was the first guy that showed a lot interest in me and my self essteem was extremly low, and he dumped me because i was qoute "too young for weed". And its even more embarassing that he dumped me because he was a classic "looser"(lived at home, smoked weed all day, didn't have a job. I have given/ recived oral/fingering from three guys, All were random guys i met on the town. The first two guys were simply a very bad reaction after my grandad died (i also went out drinking a lot at that time and didn't care about myself), i didn't even find those guys attractive at all, but yeah, and the third guy only went down on me and it happend because i just felt for it. I have made out with like 10 people (all when i was drunk), but i have never had sex" I REALLY DONT want to admit to all that.. what the hell do i do?


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  • When the time comes tell him that you haven't done serious dating, you've made out with guys but never had sex. You could add that you've learned you're more careless in relationships when you've been drinking.

    We all live and learn. There are times in everyone's life that they wouldn't choose to return to.

    • Well i dont drink like i did before, now i only have a drink or a two when i go out, and before i used to drink a lot, so much i didn't remember things. Im not going back to that life lol

    • hence i dont feel like i need to tell him im careless in reltationships when i haved some drinks

    • I agree. If you've truly changed you don't need to reveal your misadventures while drinking.

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  • "I've fooled around but never had sex"

    • i like that one! might actually use it!

  • Honestly I'm sure plenty of women have much worse histories and you don't need to tell him that stuff.

    • so if he asks ill just tell him i have no experience.. or?

    • Then just tell him you're a virgin but you've done other stuff.

  • Well.. you better not tell him. Because past is past. there's nothing much to do and you can not change anything But you can shape your future.
    If i be your boyfriend, i wouldn't want to know your sexual past.

    • i guess you're right... so what should i tell him?

    • You can tell ofcourse you dated several (2-3) guys but didn't work out. But you like to watch p*rn :D
      If you tell thatto him; he will probably like this ;) and you will feel relief.

  • If he is mature... your past won't matter.

    • its more about me being embarassed about it then me worrying about him not liking it... its very embarassing...

    • What I meant is, he won't be concerned with your past. You are now. You aren't his past.

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