How old is to old for dating?

I'm 16 dating a 22 yrold, mother approves, many think age is big deal. It maybe for you but not for.

  • boy/girl friend is younger then me
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  • boy/ girl friend is older
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  • age doesn't matter
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  • age does matter
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  • please explain in your comments
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  • Well when you're under 18 or the age of consent in your state then it can be a big deal when your dating someone over that age. Especially to parents. Because having sex, consensual or not, is illegal at that age difference. But if your parents are completely aware how old they are, then I don't see it as a big deal. If they don't mind you dating someone older then it's completely fine.


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  • Im more concerned with how well I get along with someone than I am with their age. Age is just a number and if two people want to be together and they both are benefiting from it in one way or another it should be their right to decide.

    I am currently dating a 16 year old girl and a lot of people freak out about it. But we both know what we want and what makes us happy is more important than the opinions of others.

  • the rule of thumb is half his age+7 ^^ but if even your parents approve, it´s totally fine.

  • I don't think age is a big an issue as people make it seem. What I'm more curious about is how you two met and hit things off. I don't think 16 & 22 year olds often operate in the same circles.

    • lol wth I am 22 and I don't operate in any circles with some 16 year old kids lol

    • You must have missed it when I said I DON'T think they meet a lot.

  • K, this would be illegal in my state... not to mention immoral

    • What dating older or younger and what state is this

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    • It has nothing to do with immoral it's all about population control. Look up agenda 21 and Georgia guide stones.

    • Why would a 50 year old be with a 15 year old, it's just simply immoral, not to mention illegal

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  • It doesn't really matter when you are 18 and over. Two adults and an age difference isn't a huge deal. Yet when you are legally an adolescent and an adult is dating you, that's just plain creepy and red flaggish. Realistically, at age 16 and 22, you two are at two entirely different phases of life. Whether he's in college or interning, he's a grown adult who is trying to establish his path in life. You are 16 and most likely just trying to make it through puberty, get a high school diploma, and maybe even selecting colleges. Even if you are mature for your age, by nature, you are essentially... a kid... and there's nothing wrong with that. Being a kid with a dash of grown up insight is a fun, thrilling, adventurous process. There's nothing wrong with that at all... but when a 22 year old man takes interest in that... it's just really effing weird no offense.

    Even when I was 18, I couldn't see myself with a 17 year old or 16 year old and I know a lot of people who feel the same way. Generally grown ass men who are taking an interest in adolescents want to take advantage or they can't handle a real woman so they know the teenager will let him get away with things he couldn't get away with in the adult dating world. Just be careful.

    • Well my 19 year old boyfriend got me pregnant and left me now this 22 year old is interested in me, I'm pregnant and he seems really nice besides being a hot blk guy. Mom OK with him.

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    • I think this 22 year old feels sorry for you, because you're prego, I don't think he actually likes you

    • @KindInk2 well ouch. lol