How do I let go of the hope we'll ever get back together?

I'm over him emotionally, I hardly think about him and I don't feel sad. Only from time to time when someone mentions him but he left me and I remind myself of that every time I think of him. Mainly to realise I don't want a guy who doesn't want me anyway so I lost nothing. At times I am a little weak, I have this illusion that when we meet (once I move back home) he'll realise what he lost and want me back and we'll be like old times. In my heart it feels like it could happen but when I think logically and since I've been on this earth for a while, how rare it is that it would happen. How do I get through to myself that its just completely over? I don't even know why I sometimes want that, maybe because I don't easily meet people and meeting someone new seems so difficult and a far away dream. I stay happy and healthy etc, I have changed things mentally, emotionally and physically for myself. But there are those moments and I don't want to hurt myself down the line when most likely it won't happen. I've gone through enough pain and I want to be numb to the idea of my dreams becoming reality (I'm attached to the idea probably or just miss him a little). I don't think he misses me as much, since he decided to end it because "it just wasn't meant to be". We went through 6 months after he did it of no contact and then me agreeing to trying being friends and back to nothing. He was extremely distraught over losing me (strange) but I wasn't getting what I wanted ( a relationship) and I would only be hurt in the end anyway. How do you guys deal with such dilemmas?


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  • JUST.

    • Yeh I try to distract myself, but it doens't get rid of the source of my problem. the thoughts will come back, oh when I see him again... it might just work... yeh right... even I know it isn't true and then I reason with myself but the very next day, I have the same thought.

    • : I Why are you doing this to yourself? It's pointless.

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