How can I attract girls?

i have never had a gf and i want one how can it be done? a little about me: 6'3 / skinny / very shy/ low self esteem


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  • You need to start off by building your confidence and esteem - no negative self talk, do things you love and that give you a sense of achievement. Girls are typically attracted to guys that are positive, easy to get to know, and a bit flirtatious (just practise catching a girls eye and making eye contact and smile... if she smiles back and/or keeps looking back at you then she is interested and you should go talk to her). 6ft 3 is a great height - lots of girls love tall guys - so start focusing your mind on your positive attributes, I am sure you can find lots more positive things about you. And no, you dont have to be centre of attention to attract a girl - just look for a quieter girl (there are lots of them).

    • what are the signs to look for to know if a girl is interested or not?

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    • thank you for being kind and helpful anonymous lady

    • That's ok - best of luck :-)

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  • Act confident even if you are not.