What is she doing?

I invited this girl to take a cup of coffee and she turned me down saying she was "not like that" and that she had no time and that she don't even hangs out with girls. Then she called me to apologize for being rude. Now she is texting me about 3 times a week and invites me to her church events. Her mom seems to like me a lot and sometimes I think she is the one behind this change in behaviour. What is the deal?

  • is she reconsidering me
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  • she is just being friendly
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  • she does it for her religion
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  • she is being advised by her mom
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If she is being advised by her mom, Will that really work or should I just move on?


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  • Maybe she does have feelings for you but do to her religious beliefs she believes in courting rather than dating.

  • she likes you but didn't know if she should go out with you.


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