Im so pathetic for her. How do I stop this?

I love this girl that keeps doing me wrong. I miss her so much, she keeps cheating on me, hurting me, and i keep going back. Im so pathetic for her, and she knows it. Why am i like this? I hate that im like this. I think about her every day, even though she has hurt me so much. Why? I can't see myself with anyone else but i have to. Im her doormat, and i can't help it. She just cheated on her current boyfriend, with me. Now he and her are back together. I'm stuck here, missing her, and thinking about her.

I hate this, but i can't help but miss her. Its so pathetic..

Any help?


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  • Message me please? I might be able to lend an ear...

    • I really wanted to help :( I'm sorry I couldn't. Good luck and prayers to u, my friend!

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