Why would he confess to like me but refuse to date me?

This happened a long time ago. I'm not interested in him anymore but I'm still curious.
I admitted to my crush that I liked him. I think he was a little surprised and weirded out but didn't distance himself from me or anything like that. He told his friends, which was a little embarrassing but I got over it. We seemed to grow closer after. It seemed like he liked me back. He was popular so his asshole friends would make fun of me or laugh but he would actually defend me. He wanted to be my partner all the time in class, and he even joked about touching my butt and sending nudes o. o (it was a joke, he's not a perv don't worry) I asked him who he liked and he said he liked me. So I asked him to be my boyfriend and said he would think about it. But I never got an answer. He knew I liked him back so why wouldn't he say yes or ask me out. My friend asked him why he refused and he said he lied about liking me. I don't think he lied. Because it really did seem like he wanted to get closer. He still flirted after he said that too. 3 weeks later we stopped talking and he got a girlfriend. Now he wlnt even be friendly with my anymore. Why would he lie about liking me? And if he didn't lie, why would he not want to date me?

Sorry I wanted to make the story short, but I guess I didn't. It's so long haha
Could it be that he was embarrassed dating a girl who wasn't popular like he was?


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  • Is he worried about his social status? How immature move on you can do better girl


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  • He's immature.

  • He might be too worried about the social stigma of dating you or see a problem that he doesn't know if he can deal with it.


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