Care more about other's than they do about themselves? Angry over OTHER'S mistake that has ZERO effect on you? What do?

So 3 weeks ago was Valentine's day. I was getting my mate to confess his love to his "female friend" of 5 years , to make it official so to speak.

Weeks passed and that thing slipped off my charts. I met him again today cos he was out of town for a while... about... how it went.

Well. He ROYALLY fucked it up.
He forgot her birthday. He messed up the call and flustered it to hell so much so that the girl was asking what's wrong and it basically went FUBAR. They basically haven't talked to each other for weeks after Valentine's.

Now I feel like a sack of shit for encouraging him to confess , not only failing the confession part , it also ruined a 5 years long fucking friendship.

The worst thing of all... he was all smiy and bubbly about the entire failure as if nothing has happened.

What would you do in a situation such as this?
What should I do?


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  • Oh my gosh! Hahah yes I'm like I'm rooting for you don't screw it up. Sometimes I wish I could just do it for them


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  • Grab your cape, transform into Mr. StealYourGirl, swoop in and save her day.

    Not his day though, because he done fucked it up.