Our first kiss was really awkward. What do I do now?

This guy and I have been skirting around this for a while now, but today, we finally kissed. I don't know if it was the angle (I was on top of him so my face was higher than his) or that one of us is a bad kisser, but our first kiss was pretty awkward. We were just doing completely different things.

Also I haven't kissed anyone in a year so I'm a little out of practice.
Any tips on a better kiss (regular and french please)?

I have kissed guys before but those were very different. The first guy was extremely experienced and the second was horrible so I don't really have any normal experience before this. I just feel like we were both really weird and need to practice more. I told him that I didn't have much experience. He said "I lacked confidence" and was joking around about all of that, but he kissed me again so hopefully this isn't going to ruin things.


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  • Uh... I dono I kind of agree @rahdle. The first kiss can sometimes be awkward. But it can also indicate how much physical chemistry you guys have. I dated one guy and when we kissed it was awkward and not good. But most of all, when I kissed him I felt nothing. He kissed me again cause he was sure we did it wrong but I felt nothing. Sometimes you can be attracted to someone but there's no spark. Anyways. Just be aware sometimes its not that either of you are bad kissers, but maybe you two just have physical chemistry.

    • We have plenty of physical chemistry. I just think I have to practice more. It has been a really long time for me and not much experience anyways.

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  • The first is always awkward. However there is an easy and simple solution...
    Practice practice practice! :D

    • Fine with me. Hopefully it gets better. I mean it wasn't absolutely terrible, but it wasn't that good either.

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    • Thanks. I'm really hoping it was just nerves because I was really nervous

    • Yeah, that's totally normal

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  • Haha just kiss more! And then you'll adapt to each other's styles and soon it'll be a good kiss

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