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We have been unlabelally together for 9 months. We hung out last Monday and things went really great. Last Thursday night we got into an argument because I told him I wanted to actually be official and he freaked out on me and told me I deserve more time than what he can give me and he isn't allowing himself to have feelings for a home right now. He then told me he's never liked me the way I've liked him. Then he told me we need to set guidelines and stick to them. What does he mean? I'm hurt, angry, upset and confused.


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  • Without this being etched in stone here, dear, being you both have never 'Been unlabelally together for 9 months' and maybe not counting, he is setting the record straight, once and for all, that he doesn't want to be hooked at the hip, doesn't want to be in a Real relationship right now and that your feelings have definitely outweighed his by far.
    Now, in order to continue being with him, he wants you to know where he stands with him and that you need to follow his rules and regulations or he will give you your walking papers... and he is sticking to his guns in this.
    You definitely deserve more in your own weight in gold. You want more in store but you won't get it with this guy who is less than a gem and not even a... gentleman.
    Annie, get your own gun. Tell him you don't want this Friends with benefits factor and that he may have to saddle up And-----Settle his score with someone else.
    Good luck. xx


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  • So you're his booty call, FWB? Looks like one of you misunderstood the relationship and it's good he's being straight up with you so you can dump his ass

  • he's not committed to you as you are to him. I wouldn't waste my time on him because he's not sure of how he feels about you any guy that cares about you doesn't need to take time like that.

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