How should I make the approach?

I haven't been in a relationship in awhile (over a year), but recently I been looking to getting back into one. I feel as if though I'm rusty and not good at it anymore.

I'm a good looking guy, it's just I'm a little bit shy. I'm fun always fun and laughter with my friends and those who are around me. I am looking for advice on how to approach women in person and online such as Twitter, Instagram, and etc. I'm a gentlemen and feel some of this new thirsty ways guys do it is wrong, but at same time I don't want to be judge because I'm a little old fashion.

I can talk to women, it's just I always have a bad start or don't necessarily know how to introduce my self and start up. Like would like primarily advice on that and maybe some things I should do to keep things interesting and getting a girl to like me.

Anyone else has a opinion on this, and can someone give me pointers to start a convo. I don't wanna start off bad


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  • well personally as a girl you sound great and should have no trouble finding a girl. As to approaching us just dont come off too strong. Start it slow to keep it going longer. old fashioned is great you just have to find the right girl. Girls like guys to chase them but not play games. They like to hear compliments obvi so just compliment a girl and see how she reacts, if she seems to like it from you and keeps the convo going, ask for her number. Then continue conversation about anything dont just talk about the weather thats uninteresting and awkward unless there's like a blizzard happening which is more reasonable. I've talked to guys that are mysterious and tell me almost nothing about themselves but ask everyting about me. I personally like a little mystery in the begining but it gets old and annoying real fast so id recommend actually telling her about yourslef! things you hate things you love, past injuries, life crises, interests, likes, dislikes, family problems, history, things you're good at things you're not, just the typical. It is much better to know about someone you like than to know nothing at all. Plus if you talk to a girl about everything it gives the sense that you actually care and aren't just like everyone else. But first you have to get her number lol. Good Luck!!


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  • just be yourself and you'll attract the right kind of girl! but don't forget to be confident and actually approach girls!


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  • as for online- pump up some music, and u ll be back to ur old self.
    in person, just prepare well to give the confidence, dress proper , keep 2 topics in ur mind u would tak to her. nd then execute. once u start talking the conversation will flow. dun wory. ur overthinking.

    • As for pointers- you can come with as many as anybody else.
      What's more important is for u to be in the mood and have that feel before u approach the girl. confident feel.
      Take not of the situation and the environment around and her personality , the timing and then approach her. Its okay u do not have to be perfect and say all the things she was dying to hear all her life. in fact a slower convo can be better then blahing rubbish.
      Then try and guess what kind of things she would secretly (not knowing herself) in the back of her mind is expecting. say those things and it should be done.
      Thaz right if u keep thinking this way its gona get complex, so just do and follow the simple rule. Be ur self , and hell even be ready for rejection. if u get one girl out of 3 to give u her number. its all cool. Good luck.

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