Whats wrong with us help please?

I love my girlfriend and she claims to love me but can't stop fighting im getting to a breaking point I dont wanna break up but I dont kno what else to do

Along story she lied to me about her past she told me was something that she wasn't bye time i found out I was in love I couldn't let her go I can't get over how she would lie to me and the things she done and from time to time I get upset about that wene I ask her about it she blows and all hell breaks loose but put that aside just simple things that shouldn't even cause a fight the last 2 days she has just been fighting for know reason crazy things
It's hard to let go of something you love but we just broke up so I guess ill have to find a way


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  • Not a healthy relationship what's the point of keeping it?


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  • What are the fights usually over?