The Male Equivalent of a Unicorn?

I'm in dire need of intellectual stimulation (tho, I don't presume to be an intellectual, I just like to be thoroughly challenged mentally), but I also want to meet an attractive guy (attractive level in "neighborhood" of say, actor Bradley Cooper or Paul Rudd... lol!). I've been told by others that I am very pretty, funny, smart, creative and loving (yes, my mother is alway giving me wonderful compliments!). However, two obstacles seem to be that I, 1.) work independently and, 2.) live in a smaller city. Both of which seem to limit my sphere of guydom! Where/how would I meet what seems to be the male equivalent of a unicorn?

  • Based on no other information other than the above brief synopsis of me my question, would you consider me interesting?
  • Based on no other information other than the above brief synopsis of me my question, would you consider me confusing?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you are pretty cool just from that and as for the guydom I would say try some things and get some new experiences you'll probably meet new and cool people and learn knew things. After all other people introduce you to new things helping you find your likes and dislikes and your limits whice alows you to push past them


What Guys Said 3

  • You can try to take some classes at your community college and see if you can meet someone there. You can try doing online dating.

  • You aren't looking for a unicorn, but your chances would improve in a larger city. People are self-sorting, and smart people tend to move to large cities both for the job opportunities and the chance to hang with other smart people. Have you tried online dating? I found my beautiful smart sweet girlfriend that way, and I would never have met her otherwise.

  • At your age it's very hard, try dating single fathers.

    • Because single fathers are both intellectual and attractive?

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm in the same sitch as you... work independently and live in a small town. The hot men are nowhere in sight!

    • Yeah, I feel like there's def "the guy" out there... but how the hell does he find me? ; )