Jealous of Just Doesnt' Care?

If a guy you're friends with (whom you sort of had a thing with briefly in the past but didn't work for whatever reason) asks you "why aren't you dating Mike" lets say, a coworker of the both of you... would he be doing it out of jealousy and to see if you still care, or cause he no longer cares and wants to set you up with someone to ease his own guilt for you caring for him and him treating you like crap in the past?

- He left me in the past after treating me like crap (he knows this)
- He was also jealous of Mike and I's friendship in the past and openly didn't want my attention on mike...


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  • I think he just doesn't like the idea of you being with anyone because he wants you to be at his bec and call. I've known guys like this, they don't really want to date you, but they don't want you to date anyone else either. It sounds like he still kinda treats you like crap