I like this guy but my friend said he's weird/hits on a lot of girls?

I play in a community orchestra & I have a crush on this guy that sits near me.. lately we've been talking a bit & he seems nice. However my close friend (who went to the same music school as him) knows him, and when she heard I liked him she was literally rolling on the floor laughing for 2 min straight (I felt so embarassed). She said he's extremely eccentric & makes the weirdest faces/voices.. she also warned me he hits on tons of girls (and tried asking her out in the past). I'm going to see him tmrw at rehearsal (I know he's gonna talk to me).. should I heed her warning & ignore him, or keep talking to him? Thanks


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  • Dont get any sudden decision with your friends opinion. Slow and steady. Dont commit also. Try to know about his character. If he is a pervert, leave him. Otherwise if you still need him, you can change him with your love. Give your move. If you are doing wrong also you need to do. Dont go with others option. Be different :)


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