I think my ex wants me back?

After 4 months of dating my ex she wanted to breakup. She said that she wasn't as into it as she was before. The real reason was that she started to get on tinder and talked to other guys. She didn't want to hurt me so she ended it.

This was about a month ago. A week after that we met up to give our stuff back, we ended up going out to dinner and having sex in her car afterwards. After that she didn't want to talk or hangout so we didn't.
2 days ago I texted her out of the blue to see how she was bc I care very much about her. I ended up going to see her that night, we have dinner and then had sex in her car. After that she said "well I guess this is a friends with benefits kinda thing" I said "yeah I guess you're right". She then said "are you okay with that" of course I said yes.

After that she said "I don't know if we will ever have as great of sex as we do. I really miss snuggling up in your bed with you, falling asleep in your arms, waking up and fucking". 30 min later we are on our way to our respective houses. I haven't talked to her at all since then. She said she could come over tomorrow (Friday). Should I text her today (Thursday) to see if she wants to come over Friday still?

With what she said about snuggling up with me... could that possibly mean she still has feelings for me? Any advice on what I should do would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you and have a great day!!


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  • Preserve your dignity as a man and get away from her. If she wanted to meet guys on tinder instead of staying together then that meant that her heart did not belong to you. And now she wants to get back to you because you're her plan B.

    Women like her are indecisive. She will stay with you until another option comes by. And if that fails, she'll come back to you again.

    Just don't, dude.


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  • " I texted her out of the blue to see how she was bc I care very much about her"

    Then DO NOT be friends with benefits with her. Breakups suck but move on.

  • Text her Friday morning rather, :) maybe she just wants to stay "friends with benefits" but still enjoys you next to her and stuff. She possibly doesn't want to be held down by a relationship so that's why she made that decision. :) maybe things will progress in the future? Holding thumbs! :) xxxx


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  • It depends on what you want really. If you want to stay friends with benefits, perfect, Start seeing other girls, have fun with her and don't think too much about it.
    If you want to be something more, then make it clear to her. From what you have described I think she just wants to keep you on a leash. As a go-to option, which sucks. If she says she doesn't want a serious relationship, find someone else.

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