Tips for two shy people who are in their first relationship?

We're both shy, and it took about 6 months for him to ask me out after i confessed.

So, since we're both inexperienced with dating... is it normal to feel awkward? Like due to some drunken moments, we've already kissed and made out... so him and i are fine with holding hands, and kissing but like getting to know each other is something im gonna struggle with because were shy and it'll be quiet for sure.

I'm trying to just relax and go with the flow, but i dont know what im doing and we also don't text each other that much unless him or i just ask to hang out which we haven't really done..

Can i just get some general advice?


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  • you don't know what your doing and he doesn't know what he is doing, sounds perfect way for you both to learn. yes it is normal to feel awkward so relax and just enjoy being with someone. figure things your for yourselves, don't be going on what other people are saying, you will have a better time and a better relationship if you find your own way together not finding your way based on someone elses advice

    • Okay, thank you! Like i said... i just dont have an idea of what im suppose to be doing. We're both naturally awkward and shy.. but i guess this is something for the both of us to figure out together. I should focus on just getting to know him and just hang out right?

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    • Okay thank you! And one more question, we've been friends for the last 6 months but we dont really text each other that much. So i haven't talked to him since he asked me out... is that normal? Like i know im the type of girl that doesn't need contact with him 24/7, but i thought he'd at least text a hey or something. And bc i was the one that confessed first, it looks like ill be the one initiating plans and what not? Because he asked me out, but never really asked to go on a date or hang out.. so i told him we should do something this weekend. I guess every thing will be a work in progress right? I just can't expect too much too soon

    • remember he is shy like you, might be worrying about what to say or text, worried about saying the wrong thing, worried about what you will think, look at it this way, everything your thinking there is a good chance he is thinking the same. personally i hate texting, might be no harm to make the first move and see how it goes , feel free to ask anything if your unsure about anything else i am always happy to be of help, just send me a message

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