Is she playing hard to get?

This girl and i have been on a couple of dates, We have been talking close to 2 months now. Last time we saw each other we agreed to take things slow and see where this was going, and we even said we liked each other and she said she always has fun when she is with me. At the end of our last date i suggested that she should stay over at my house. She declined because she had a big test, but said " why don't we do that next weekend". this week she has been very quiet and we have not texted much as we usually do. Yesterday she replied to a message i sent on Tuesday, but that was it, nothing else. Today i said to her that i was thinking about her and hoped that she had a good day, no text back yet. I want to ask her if we are still on for this weekend for her to spend the night, but due to her lack of response i dont know what to do. Is she losing interest or playing hard to get?


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  • I think it's either that she's losing interest, or she feels uncomfortable about staying with you this weekend. It sounds like she only said "next weekend" because she didn't want to disappoint or reject you. Perhaps after thinking about it, she doesn't feel ready for it, but knows you're probably itching for that to happen.

  • I don't think she's playing, I think she's really not interested


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