Did I ruin things completely?

So I really like this guy (we'll call him Austin) but all he did was talk about sex and so I started talking to another guy bc i thought Austin only wanted sex and wasn't interested in me that way. Well when he found out i was talking to someone he got really jealous and upset so I lied and said the guy was just a friend. Well I was hanging out with said guy at the mall and Austin works there but had left or so I thought... well we were in line getting some coffee and Austin came and stood behind us and was talking to me and I could he was upset because the other guy was trying to kiss and touch me.. well long story short me and Austin got into a fight and I said I was sorry and he told me it's going to take a lot to get him back and I kinda ruined things and i dont know what to do now.. please help..


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  • This is where a little word called communication comes into play.

    Next time this kind of thing happens with someone... if you genuinely like him, instead of going and talking to someone else, why wouldn't you just tell "Austin" that you don't really like how much he talks about sex over text?

    If you hadn't said anything to him, he probably thought you either didn't mind it or enjoyed it. You've betrayed him by doing the worst possible thing you could've done in this situation, which was going off with another guy.

    Would you get back with him if he'd gone off and gotten flirty with another girl despite obviously liking you? Hope you can sort it out, but the ball is really in his court.

    • Sorry to have come across so negatively, there's always a chance to fix things but it will be hard. If you're determined enough you might just be able to chance his mind, it depends on what this 'Austin' guy is like. If he's like me (similar thing happened), he'll forgive you. But it might keep coming to his mind til he's over it if he felt hurt by it all.

      Good luck, you could be okay :)

  • Why do you want a dude that does nothing but talk about sex?

    • He only talks about sex over text in person we talk about everything but sex and flirt massively with each other.. I've liked him since the day I met him.. and ya

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