If a guy asks you what you think of another girl, does he not like you?

So I went to an event last week and met this really cute guy there. He bought me a drink that evening and also dropped me off home that night together with my friend in the car. He also said he was 'good with mothers' because I worried about being late.
Earlier during the evening, he showed me a photo of a girl and said "Do you not think she's hot?" I said she was average lol.

Anyway, since then the guy asked my friend to text me and invite me to his birthday party, despite the fact that I do not know him.

Why would the guy ask me what I think of another girl? Does it mean that he definitely isn't interested in you and only sees you as a friend? If not, why invite me to his bday party when he's met me once?


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  • Well they could just be asking you to get a friends opinion. On the other hand they could be asking you to make you jealous or see what your answer would be.

  • Yes it means he's into the other girl or he's trying to let you know he's not interested

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