Depressed or just not that into you?

My boyfriend has been under a lot of stress and this stress is increasing, he works 12-14 hours a day 6 days a week, has to juggle custody with his ex 2 nights a week, football practise 2 nights a week and somewhere in between that squeeze me in, I accepted this from the beginning but he is feeling guilty for not having enough time for me.
Lately I am finding the stress in his life with work, house payments, custody issues, financial, terminal ill brother and a death in the family has really taken its toll on him understandably which in turn is taking it toll on our 3 year relationship.
He is not sleeping, not eating, drinking more, has a negative headspace and appears not to want to spend time with me as little time he has left.
We use to speak daily however we now speak weekly, we use to see each other 2-3 nights a week now I am lucky to see him every 2-3 weeks.
He is still opening up to me emotionally when we do talk and we are still having sex when we do see each other, but the amount of contact we have has dropped heaps.
When I bring it up he apologises and asks me to be patient he is just not in a good frame of mind at the moment, he also says he feels guility for not having enough time for me and just can't find the time.
I am finding I am the one contacting him more then he is me lately, and he will always respond to me as soon as I attempt to contact him however he then excuses himself and says will talk to me later but not until we have spoken about the important things, I am finding he doesn't get back to me when he says he will. When we make plans most of the time he doesn't remembers or cancels last minuet.
He has admitted he is depressed and just needs some alone time so I respect that and try to only contact him weekly so he knows I am still here but giving him that space too, I have found out he is still able to go on social media daily but.
How do I know its the depression that's causing him to slowly pull away or has he lost interest in me?


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  • He has a lot on his mind. Let him work through his issues