What does it mean when guys only glance at girls face?

People usually say guys check a girl out by looking at her body parts. So, my question is: What does it mean if a guy checks a girl out ONLY by staring at her face. He does not even move an eye to her body. Is it because he genunely likes her or just thinks there is something wrong with her face?


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  • this differs from man to man but honestly if it were me it would be that I'm trying to show the woman respect and her value is more in who she is and by what she says than her body. Don't get me wrong I would make little glances at her body and such (not in a disrespectful way of course) but I feel making eye contact with the woman makes 1 for more meaningful conversation, showing her you care for what she has to say. 2 I think it shows that I have interest in HER. and last but not least the face can always be just as beautiful as the body if not more so. the face is where her emotions and smile are shown and I've always found the eyes and smile of a woman to be beautiful, but thats just me. like I said its different for every guy and every person has their reasons.

    • i am talking about guys that haven't talked to me yet :D guys that are just passing in the streets etc...

  • He thinks her face is pretty

    • is it always the case? :D

    • If he didn't have a nasty look on his face, (like if you had a booger or somethin) then yeah. I'd bet he thinks it's purty

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