Disaster date before it starts

ok so I'm a freshman in highschool and the guy I like is a sophomore. its my first date and I'm scard to tell my mom becuase I know she's going to want to meet him, and I don't really know if she would like him.

some backround info 1. he plays football 2. he's tall and I'm short )lol 3. he's the kind to talk about sex and stuff which I would rather have a romantic guy 3. we met through friends so...im not sure lol.

please help me ik my moms going to want to meet him! should I tell her or sneak around?

also I never kissed before and I don't know if he wants to like makeout...what do I do if he does and I'm not ready?

and were going to the movies. he wants to see some rated are movie and I want to see the stepfather...what to do what to do



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  • Mlle., always tell the truth. (To yourself, to your friends, etc.).

    I choose to answer your question because I am a Father and a Husband (who was once your age, too, believe it or not)... and I recall your situation.

    First of all, be a GOOD girl. Tell your mom about this date; don't sneak. If you do, and she finds out, she will be worried. And you love your Mom, so, don't do that.

    Also, don't let this boy "push" you into anything you are not ready for... If this boy doesn't respect you, and treat you right, forget him!

    A good man always properly pursues a Lady; he never gives her cause for alarm.


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  • Ok most people don't tell there parents

    so you don't really need to tell them .

    & you should go see what ever movie you

    feel like to see its your first date . let him

    kno what you want to see . & making out

    comes natural . you will just know what your

    doing when it happens .

  • im a freshman too and have been in a similar situation. I started to like a sophmore in one of my classes and he gave me his number and started texting me. he kept asking me to go to the movies and I was afraid to tell my mom because I knew for sure she would want to meet him before we did. I was also afraid he would want to imediatly start to make out or something and I wasn't to sure if I would be comfortable with that becuase I've never been kissed and I want my first kiss to be special and not some make out session on a wim with some kid I barley know. What you should do is take a night to think about if you really want to go out with him and if you really like him. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I didn't like him and just wanted a boyfriend but if you decide you really really do like him them don't be nervous to let him meet ur mom because if he makes you happy then she will probably be happy for you :)

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