Just need to vent?

Me and this guy were so compatible. He told me he was interested in me, we talked all the time, all day long we texted and at night he'd call me if he had a chance while he was at work. We went on a date and before that first date was over, he was already planning the next one. We went on several dates after that and he came to my work to "tell me hello and give me a kiss". He came to my house the next morning when he got off of working nights at 5:00AM just to "tell me good morning and give me a kiss".

After that morning, EVERYTHING shifted. He told me he was too busy to get into a relationship and I deserved more than what he has to offer. I was PISSED! I felt so led on and betrayed. We never slept together, just kissed. So I can't say that he got what he wanted and he moved on. All of this happened about a month ago.

I saw today on my newsfeed on Facebook that he is going to Iraq at the end of April to do some sort of deposition with the army. He has been involved with the army for quite some time now, but he hasn't done anything with them for the past two or so years. I can't ask him about it either. Ugh!

We aren't talking anymore and that absolutely kills me!! He told me he was interested on a Tuesday and that Thursday he said he couldn't string me along because the timing for a relationship isn't good. I am beyond crushed because there's nothing I can do at this point. But, I miss him and I was starting to fall hard for him. AND I know he felt the same way because it was quite obvious! I guess I'm just venting. Lol


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  • He works late and now he's going to Iraq, what's the point of a relationship? He is preventing you from getting hurt.

    • He never mentioned anything about Iraq to me, ever! I understand what his motive is. But, he's being a dick to me right now. Won't have any sort of communication with me whatsoever. But, I know it's all for my own good.

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