What are some things I can text my bf that he will text me back?

Basically my bf doesn't text much and I want him to So what can I text him that will make him text me back?


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  • Text him about things that he is really into. What are things he likes to watch, read, play, etc? People really enjoy talking about themselves. Also, you can talk about events going on and his day if you weren't with him.

    • I've tried this and tbh it was still like trying to get blood from a stone it sorta puts me off him a little i like to know he thinks of me and wants to know what im upto but when you get a good morning... how was your day... he is off to bed goodnight... i get bored and stop putting effort in.

    • That's a serious issue you need to talk to him about. You need to talk to him about how you feel. A relationship is a two way street and both sides need to give something to it to make it work. The problem may be more serious than lack of texting. How does he behave when you are with each other and how often are you together?

  • Just text him..."YOU better text me back bitch"


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