If a guy you liked and spoke to a few times asked you out but looking absolutely terrified, would you say yes?

Or would you reject him for looking terrified? As in shaking and sweating and almost looking like he wants to run away after asking.

  • Is say no, it would put me off
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And also what if he asked you by text or message?


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  • yea, of course.

    • What if he asked you by text or message?

    • ask her in person. there's nothing wrong with being nervous. she'll probably think it's cute.

    • I can't ask women out. I find it terrifying, just the thought of doing it.

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  • "looking absolutely terrified"
    That's quite awesome and cute.
    Affirmative. I like them a little shy. :3

    • What if he asked you by message or text?

    • HECK NO. UPFRONT. I'd like to see the terrified look :3.

  • That's kind of cute lol. Just do it in person and try to be chill about it!


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