Which guy should I choose?

So I'm in 8th grade and I liked this guy in 7th He's a sweet guy however he has a bad reputation (He has had 12 Gf's and almost all of them plus some other people say he is a jerk) My friend liked him which made me mad and he liked her back but he said that he loved me and was/is going to ask me out. I soon found out though that behind my back they had a secret thing going on and when I confronted him he lied to my face. So now I don't really like him anymore and have started to like a guy in my math class again I liked him for awhile but I never really thought anything of it plus we moved seats for awhile and I don't really talk to him other then in Math. However we sit next to each other again and he has a crush on me so I have started falling for him again. The 7th grade guy, today, told my friend that he wants to be with me and that they should not hang out anymore because he said he never wants to hurt me again So now I'm confused as 2 who I should go after? My best friend's bf best friend is the 7th grade guy so the 4 of us all hangout together as well... We are going hiking this weekend

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  • Don't go for the douchey player!


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  • Neither one make more opposite sex friends and hang out with them. It will help you to get to know guys better.

  • You got to think about what you like about each guy.


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