Never had a boyfriend and I am almost 20?

I am 19 years old, turning 20 in a few months and I never had a boyfriend! This year I decided that I have to do something about it so i started meeting people on tinder (so far I went out with 4 and hooked up with 3 of them, one of them was he son of an actor) thats how I had my first date, my first kiss and my first sexual experience (but not sex). The guys in my school didn't find me attractive, most of them made fun of me and the guys at uni dont seem to be interested, I only get hit on when I'm outside (but that doesn't always happen, especially now that I moved to Greece for a semester abroad). I am really pretty though, so why haven't i ever had a boyfriend/relationship? I mean i know a lot of less attractive girls who are in relationships.. I always try my best to look all put together and spend a lot of money on make up and the latest clothes. Help please?


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  • It's not necessarily a bad thing. There's people who get a relationship older or never. I've been told that too when I got cheated on one time and I was hurt and angry. You don't need to rush it or change yourself or your looks. Just be yourself, be patient, maybe enjoy focusing on yourself before commitment. Love will come to you when it's time. Timing is different for everyone. If you've never been with anyone, obviously that is a sign that love hasn't found you. I wouldn't worry, dwell, feel bad or anything. :)


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  • I think guys might b afraid of u. They think u might hurt then by going out and cheating on then, ur beauty might b ur downfall but try making urself approachable. Guys will notice u then.


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  • I am 20 and have just started dating. Get rid of your Tinder and wait for a healthy relationship.