Does anyone NOT date guys with children?

I was going to hang w a guy I'm "talking" to but he's got to babysit his baby niece but got called to work for an hour and didn't want to leave me with the baby, So he's asking his ex-wife to come over while he's at work for an hour.. I understand that they don't know me well to watch the kids but its HOW he said and the fact he didn't say" I wish u could still come over", or" I'm sorry I really wanted to see you" but okay maybe not We argued he "laughed at me" and even tho I apologized for getting insulted at first I get it. I like him and wanna get to know him, was I wrong for yelling at him, I was upset I broke OTHER plans to be with him! I also brought up the fact that he could do something w his ex he said "Oh u could with yours" and lumps me in with his exs like "all women SAY they won't cheat" uhh frustrating..


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  • If I found out a guy has a child he instantly becomes unattractive.

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