Why does it seem like only messed up girls like black guys?

Seriously, it seems of the non-black, Hispanic, or Asian girls that wind up dating black dudes (e. g white girls) the ones that do are either obese, on drugs, have issues, are doing it as revenge/rebellion, or they have a f*tish for black men. Am I on point here? Why is that, why's it so messed up, are we that unlikable?


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  • Hmmmm I’ve noticed something different. Honestly, this generation of females aren’t exactly the cream of the crop. It is really hard to find a female who is not letting life’s troubles, heartaches, and battles reduce what she has to bring to the table. With that said it’s not just a ‘black guy thing’. Seriously though, you need to watch out because I’ve heard of some girls who really do just have a black guy fetish and they think that mirroring a stereotype will make a black man comfortable wtf like knowing rap songs or whatever. Whenever someone has a race fetish, you’re most likely dealing with an ignorant person who’s presenting to you a shallow attraction.


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  • we only see what we WANT to see. ;)

  • I feel like you projecting your own insecurities. Tbis isn't about being black. This about standards. Have some and you should be fine. I know black guys who are dating really jot white/asain girls. And none of them are failures.

    Just my opinion.

    • They're very rich and those women don't love them, they love their money.

    • That's not true. I've known these guys for 3 years. Overall, they're just good guys. Funny, ambitious, mediocre-ly smart and treat they're lady right.

      The guy with the white chick has been with her for almost 3 years and the other 2yrs. I would say they're very much in love 😊

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