My new boyfriend has way more experience than me and I feel really awkward. What should I do?

My new boyfriend is 22 and I am 20 but I have barely any experience. I have only kissed two guys and they were not great experiences (one was too experienced and the other barely knew what he was doing). I kissed my boyfriend for the first time the other day and it was really awkward. I told him about my lack of experience and his response was "wow you are really young". He has also mentioned his sexual experiences a few times so I know he has way more than me.
I don't want to make him regret going out with me because we are on completely different levels of intimacy.
How do you suggest I fix the kissing situation and not seem like a complete virgin all the time?


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  • You could always ask him to teach you the ropes, might be a fun and sexy thing for you two.

    Or you can read articles online about how to be better or whatever and surprise him.

    Or you can just stop worrying about it so much because it's probably all fine anyways and go with the flow.

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