Seriously we can make out and be sexual, but talking is weird as all fuck. How can I lessen the awkward tension?

Dating for about 2 months now. We don't have much in common, but we have the same friend group (it's how we met). He is this nerdy pc gamer dude. I'm an athlete and musician. We can make out and cuddle and sexual stuff is normally ok. Talking? Ya right. We have nothing to say. We either are in our friend group in a large conversation or not talking at all. How do I make this less awkward?


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  • Do you guys have anything in common to talk about?

    • We like rock music... But I like metal and he prefers classic hair band stuff. I'm active. He plays videogames. I'm social. He is kinda shy in the first place. We have opposite political views. For the most part, nope.