When talking to a woman is bad on my part to make direct eye contact by looking down or away?

I have been the shy guy so making direct eye contact when talking to a girl has been tough. Though I'm trying my best to make eye contact when talking to a woman. I think this has been the hamper of my dating life. I sometime be walking some where I can tell from the side of my eye I have a girl/woman look at me but I never turn around to look back at them. I had one lady one night when I was on my way to the store walk pass by me and smiled at me.

The reason I don't look at women is because I don't want to feel that I'm some creep and I feel they may have thoughts about my physical appearance not in a good way.


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  • Don't stare if they are say across the room. If you find a woman attractive it's easy... Just glance over every once in a while and try to catch them looking at you. Just shoot them a half smile and go back to what you were doing.

    Now if you are in conversation with a woman NEVER break eye contact.

  • I did this on purpose and they don't like it. It doesn't have to be perfect contact but don't look everywhere when you talk

    • When talking, I think it's best to not really look at their eyes the whole time, just few second intervals or a brief lock on after and if your sentences