Please help me im 18 and confused?

Hey there I don't know what to do anymore I've been dating my bf for two years and the past months he has changed he started gettong mad for anything and he calls me names like bitch and stuff i just recently found out he has a website were he can chat with girls and few months ago i discovered hey had a fb account behind my back he was txting girls ik its not bad but he doesn't let me have a fb so i thought that was dumb and worst of alk he has a app called i funny and i saw that he was likeing girls pictures showing her boobs that hurt me he checks out a lot of girls and he says its normal im so confused i love him but i feel like he finds other girls better than me should i be worried?


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  • It doesn't take a genius to find out that the dude is obviously playing you. Are you stupid? Dump him and move on or yu can stay and let him walk all over you. Leave him immediately


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  • He doesn't let you have a fb account? How does he stop you. If you want one just create one. You do not need his permission.

    Calling you bitch? Just call him dickhead... as you tell him the relationship is over.

    "He finds other girls better than me should I be worried?" You are way down on his list of girls, but you have to ask if you should be worried?

    If some other girl had written what you wrote, what would you advise her to do? Probably dump him. So that is what you should do.

    • Thank you i wish he had ure thinking

    • But he doesn't have my thinking. But you can. Tell him to straighten out his act and treat you like he loves you or you will dump his crazy ass and find a real man who can really love you. Then do it. And don't listen to his lame "I really love you." Actions speak so much louder than words!

  • You have to options:
    #1 Dump him
    #2 see #1


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  • Sounds like he has no respect for you. You need to have enough respect for yourself and either tell him to straighten his act up, because he's the one that's being a little "bitch." If not, you need to do whats best for you and leave. With him already doing shady stuff behind your back, controlling whether you get a Facebook or not, and calling you names for no reason, it's only going to get worse.

    • Thank you its just I don't know why he's been so mean like i dont do that crap he's so shady he first controled what i could wear whi i could talk to and im annoyed of itt but thank you (:

    • He's being mean because you're letting him. He knows as long as you're letting him, then he can continue to control you. It's definitely not worth being in a relationship where you can't be yourself, or do what you want (not including cheating, etc lol). Hope it gets better for you. :)

    • Will iam talk to him tommorow cus im done today we argued over me telling himbto stop telling me what to do he reacted bad he called me a slut bitch and all thise nasty things and i slapped him and he throw me down know i have a busted lip i can go on like that no more thanks a lot for ure help really

  • Checking girls out is normal. I'm a 100% sure you checked out other males other than your mate. Its normal guys are just to careless about it though when were more secret about it. Don't think its cause there hotter its natural. Honestly you should leave him he disrespected you by calling you a bitch nothing ever goes good after being called that I guarantee it. leave him darling no one deserves that !

  • Wow dump that son of a bitch. Fucker doesn't deserve u

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