Young women, would you give a guy with no hair a shot?

I'm an 18 year old guy who has had on and off bouts of alopecia. It was under control mostly but recently after a stressful incident a group of follicles were killed off, so my only option is to shave it to the skin, not even a shadow as it looks patchy. Personally I don't mind it, I pull it off okay (kinda surprising as I'm a slender pale guy) but whenever I see an axe commercial I get self conscious. So would young women in thier late teens or early twenties be put off by a guy who approached them with a chromdome? Will I be considered less attractive than 'hairy' guys right off the bat? Or am I just overthinking it? Be honest please-I admit looks are a required first step for me to be interested in a girl and I know it works the same for them. I just feel like at this age or twenties most girls couldn't get past it or would view me as older and weird.

  • Yes, a shaved head/no hair can be attractive or isn't an issue
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  • No, couldn't get past it, it'll put you at disadvantage.
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  • No, I'd view it as very strange and avoid a guy with no hair
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A side note, I luckily only have a scalp form of alopecia, I still have eyebrows etc


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  • I don't think its a problem. Some guys pull it off and look way better than guys with hair. I know a guy who actually looks so much better bald than when he has hair because his facial features stand out much better without the hair. There might be some people who have a preference but that's the same as anyone who says they dig brunettes over blondes or bald guys over the kind of guy with long hair or short. But I don't think you should worry so much as it's not weird at all. I grow my hair super long so I can donate it and I'll cut it short when I do and it feels amazing since it's easier to take care of and feels so light despite what my bf says (he likes the long hair better haha) But that's the thing about hair, it grows back :)

    • The issue with this is my hair won't come back with the condition, I'll bs getting the razor out each morning the rest of my life so it doesn't like like I'm patchy or balding etc.

    • Ok but minus that last part, everything else I said is true. u have nothing to worry about.

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  • If a guy decides to shave his head at a young age, I'll either assume that 1. he's doing his military training or 2. that he has some condition that makes his hair fall off and that he simply preferred just shaving it all. No biggie.

  • I don't mind I used to shave my friends head cuz he started losing hair really early & every time I see him all clean shaven he looks like a 10 ^_^ he thinks he looks mean [the only down side to baldness people may find you intimidating? Unless you're Moby haha]

  • Yup why not i've dated guys with shaved heads before.


What Guys Said 2

  • Dude, my best friend has alopecia. No hair. No eyebrows. No hair anywhere. He is by far, hands down, the most popular guy in town. He even has a nickname that everyone knows. He has like over a 1000 friends on fb and he knows most of them. He has an excellent love life and is the life of any party. he is one guy who proves to me that looks don't count. He gets away with anything and everything because he has confidence and gift of the gab.

    • Just don't give a shit and have fun, that's how he does it.

    • Honestly I'm kinda the same way, my last name is iconic and I'm well known around where I live, however the love life thing not so much. But I am one of the youngest licensed skydivers in my state so I do have confidence.

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    • He can't. He is hairless.

    • @Scrambled
      Oh come on.
      I'm Asian and even I can grow a goatee easy no problem. He can at LEAST grow a goatee right?

    • The condition I have makes my system attack hair follicles, that being said I have a mostly effluvium variant meaning it affects scalp growth more than anything, I still have eyebrows thank God and body hair is sometimes affected in spots but not as bad. That being said the facial hair I grow is kinda patchy. That combined with so many bald guys growing facial hair to compensate, I think I'll pass on the facial hair, it wouldn't look good and I wouldn't want it anyway.