What's your opinion on the "what are we? / where is this going?" Talks?

I really want to know where I stand and what's going on but the talks are kind of awkward? And I do not want to be the one to bring it up? But should I bring it up or are there ways I can hint so he'll bring it up?


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  • Haha, good question!
    I think one of the only reasons 'the talk' is awkward is beside we've seen it be a no no conversation on tv programmes and movies haha.

    If you approach it casually, it will be a lot less awkward.. It will be what you want it to be :)
    Just try and avoid the phrases 'what are we' or 'where is this going' .. Which I know are probably some of your biggest questions that you want answered lol, so just cleverly word around.

    Do you feel like you're on the same page already?

    • Yeah like things are going really well just want some clarity from him like if he would wanna take it further like I'm happy with what we are but just wanna know what's going on in his head?

    • I know what you mean just be careful that you let him know you're happy with where things are.
      I think guys tend to picture us planning our wedding with our children's names and family pets when we bring up the talk haha.

    • Definitely! I just wanna know what he's thinking not how many kids he wants to have lol

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  • Where do you feel you stand? I would bring it up, no point in always wondering. Maybe he's feeling the same way.

    • Things are going well between us but I want to know like if he sees it going any further?

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  • Just bring it up without being dramatic and with 100% truth about how you're feeling. It's only awkward if you guys make it awkward, but reassurance and clarity are needed in relationships a lot of the time.