Does feeling comfortable around someone make them undateable?

I was set up on a blind date. It was a double date and the other two already knew each other. Anyway, the guy I was set up with I felt really comfortable with right alway. There were no awkward moments. Is it a good sign if I immediately felt comfortable with him? Does it mean he is good boyfriend material or does it mean there is no spark and we will end up being friends? I don't know, usually I get nervous around guys I like, but around him I feel different. Maybe this is good though? He makes me feel safe. Will he most likely end up being a good friend or something more?

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  • It just means you feel comfortable and secure around him, you can be yourself. It also means you two click so chances are he'd make a good guy to be in a relationship with for you,

    • Cool, thank you! Yeah, I think you're right. I mean, I hope he feels comfortable around me too. But yeah, it is a good feeling to have.

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    • Yeah that's what I was thinking.

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What Guys Said 3

  • I don't understand why any woman would not want to date a guy because she liked him too much. If I found out that about her I would avoid her because she's crazy.

    • I don't understand how your comment is relevant.

  • If you feel comfortable boyfriend if uncomfortable, friend.

  • If you feel safe and comfortable then yes but if it is just sparkling then it might be lust.


What Girls Said 2

  • The problem is with us women is we analyze everything haha, just roll with it and let it plan out naturally.. What will be, will be :)
    At least if nothing more you will have made a good friend out of it!

  • I think it's good to feel comfortable. All my best relationships have been ones that aren't forced. Now you should drive to be sensual and romantic, but just hanging out and letting your guard down should be easy

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