How do you stop thinking about someone?

How do you stop thinking about someone? I'm having trouble moving on



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  • Play guitar! learn it! Or do somthing productive with your time and stay away from there social media acounts. Cry it all out if you have to. Stop looking or listen to heartbreak or romance songs. Try to stay away from anything that reminds you of him. If you have a baby just focus on that baby...


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  • You force yourself into thinking about them all the damn time till you get sick of it.
    It works for some people.
    Others have... formed other self defenses like turning the switch off. Not everyone can exactly do that though.


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  • give us some details. for how long? is it love or crush?
    i am in similiar position right now.

    if its crush - let it be. its temp thing, it mights sound stupid - there is nothing you can do about it. if you occupy your mind with something else, sooner or later you will catch yourself back there thinking about him. its natural.

    4 solutions i can give you (and i am 100% everyone else):

    1) find someone you can trust and share your thoughts, look for soulmate, avoid skanks and other egoistic pals, do whatever you want to do, even if you are broken. i dont suggest you sharing your sadness with anyone, if you ask me, its just makes me think about it more, as NO ONE really, (even psychiatrist) dont give **** about your problems, and thats the sad true. look for only REAL people, who can listen.

    2) let the emotions flow. if you want to be sad, be. if you want to cry, then do so. what comes up, comes down. what comes down, comes up. its nature. you will feel better

    3) delete him from any social media. out of sight, out of heart. dont torture yourself, if you can see his picture every single day on your screen.

    4) i know you will hate it, but time is the only healer. there is nothing else. to stop thinking about this girl i was into in 2011, took 3 years to forget any feelings. for some, much faster. we can't tell. enjoy yourself. and remember, you are not alone.

    • I reall hope it doesn't take 3 years, it's already been 6 months

  • You just sit down and write their name on a piece of paper. It will actually stop the thought for a while.


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